How To Root HTC U11 with APK Apps

In this article, you are going to learn easy steps on how to root HTC U11, which is the latest model of HTC. Read the full article to find out how.

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First Thing what is rooting?

Rooting is Something from which you can get full access to everything in the operating system of your HTC U11. In simple terms, we can say it allows breaking the system and taking us to the Android phone’s subsystem and allowing making the changes easily. You will have the administrator power. Essentially, by having the root access, you can override the access restrictions set as part of the factory setting. It extends your limit of using HTC U11. It is like breaking the set parameters and allows you to install and run any apps you want to run on your HTC U11. It helps you to make changes in your HTC u11 firmware and you can over clock or under clock the processor as well. Therefore, with HTC U11, you can manipulate the OS the way you want to use with new apps, install unapproved apps, delete unwanted bloatware, replace the firmware, and customize the system, like the way you want to have it. It is absolutely fun to have rooted smartphone as you can do anything you want without limits.

How To Root HTC U11

Rooting HTC U11 open up the door of treasure:

As rooting HTC U11 is a complicated process, and you have to do it carefully. Once you are done with the rooting successfully, you will open a world of new possibilities. Since root access changes the original factory setting and alters the stock firmware, it will have risks as well as benefits. The main risk is, the warranty of the set will become void. Wrong rooting can make it a bricked device as well. So do it carefully.

Now Lets Talk About Risks involved in HTC U11 root:

There are several risks involved in rooting HTC U11. These are:

Warranty issues:

Rooting HTC U11 can void your smartphone warranty.

Bricking dangers:

Rooting HTC U11 is a complicated process so do it carefully as One wrong step can result in the bricking of you HTC U11.

Risks to Security:

It can also lead to some security issues. You will have no access to some services once you perform HTC Ocean Note root.

Things to do before Starting Rooting Process:

Now before starting the rooting process make sure you have backed up everything. Also, make sure there is enough battery charge to continue with the process. Further, you need to unlock the OEM and put on the USB debugging.

Systematic installation of the Rooting app:

Go to your setting and check for the Developer Options at the end of the screen on the ‘Settings.’ Then follow the steps:

  1. On ‘About Phone’ tap and check for ‘Build Number.’
  2. On ‘Build Number’ tap seven times, so that you can have the ‘Developer Options.’ The ‘Developer Options’ may appear on the main page of the ‘Settings.’
  3. Tap ‘back key’ for finding the ‘Developer Options.’
  4. On ‘Developer Options,’ tap again.
  5. Look for ‘USB Debugging,’ and enable it.
  6. Enable ‘OEM Unlocking.’

Free APK apps to root HTC Ocean Note easily:

There are apps which can be used to root your HTC U11 smartphone easily. These are:

1- Root Android: Rootland

2- KingoRoot for Android

3- FramaRoot

4- Universal Android Root

5- iRoot

6- Z4Root

7- Towel Root

8- Baidu Root

9- CF Auto Root

10- Root Master

If you have any questions regarding HTC U11 rooting, feel free to write it in the comments box below.

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