How to free up space on Android Devices – Easy Guide 2019

If your Android device is running out of space and you are searching for how to free up space on Android device then you are at good place, In this post, I will show you different easy methods to do so.

Follow steps and your phone will be having a lot of free space and keep enjoying using your Android device faster than ever.

How to free up space on Android Devices

Delete unwanted pictures, music, and videos (Whatsapp etc)

You believe or not but every phone has some unwanted or temporarily photos or screenshot in it and most of them are saved by Whatsapp app when you send or receive a picture, video or file etc. which occupy too much space of your storage.

Go to Menu ==> My Files ==> Images ==> Select all unwanted or unimportant pictures and click on delete option to delete them at once.

Remove Hidden .thumbnails folder

In most cases, the hidden folder named as .thumbnails use up to GB’s of space of your storage and you are not aware of it because it generates itself and stores every image you open in your mobile in it. It exists in DCIM folder.

To show and delete this folder, go to Menu ==> My Files ==> Device Storage ==> DCIM ==> Click on Option then Settings and Select Show Hidden Files.

This folder will show up and you can check how many spaces it was taken from your storage. Simply delete and free up space in your Samsung Device.

Remove Unused apps

You can also free up some space by removing/uninstalling unused or unimportant apps from your device. You can take backup of their apk files (by Es File Explorer) to install it anytime you need them without downloading again from Play Store.

Clear app Data

If above techniques don’t solve your problem or you want to free up some more space in your Samsung galaxy s5 mobile then there is another option to do so by clearing app data.

Go to Menu ==> Settings ==> Applications Manager ==> Click on every application individually and click on Clear app data.

This will also give a handsome space to your device storage.

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Make use of an external SD card

I hope you have already freed up a lot of space of your device storage but you are not yet done. If you want to free some more space you can transfer your apps to external SD card. By doing so, your Samsung galaxy s5 mobile space will be completely free from everything.

Go to Menu ==> Settings ==> Applications Manager ==> Click on any app you want to move to SD card and click on Move to SD card. The application will be transferred to SD card and the device storage used by this app will be free up.

Get a cloud storage app

This might be the solution for everyone but a good option for those who use the internet at any time on their mobile phones.

You can install DriveDropboxMega and much more Cloud Storage apps available in the market and transfer your photos, videos, files from your device storage to your online cloud storage account which will completely free up storage of your Android device.

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