All Mobilink Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages 2018 – Hourly, Daily, Weekly & Monthly

All Mobilink Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages 2018:

At present, we will probably be telling you in regards to the totally different All Mobilink Jazz 3G/4G Internet Packages 2018 that embody Jazz 2G internet Packages, Jazz 3G internet Packages & Jazz 4G interne Packages for all of the utilization sorts be it daily, weekly, monthly, 3-Day & Social Data Bucket, on Prepaid as well as Postpay. Jazz is likely one of the largest telecom operators in Pakistan when it comes to cell subscribers after Mobilink merged with Warid. At the moment, Jazz is offering web companies 2G, 3G and 4G spectrums to serve its some greater than 50 million prospects. Mobilink Jazz is the no. 1 Pakistani fastest and most reliable mobile operator (Declared by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority). It was founded on June 11, 1994. Its main headquarters is located in the capital of Pakistan Islamabad. Its network coverage is extended to more than 20000 cities, towns, and villages all across Pakistan. Currently, the Federal Administrator And Tribal Area Of Pakistan also know as FATA has only Mobilink Jazz services. In some areas, Mobilink Jazz also offers free 3G internet. Mobilink has been one of the top internets, messaging, and calls packages provider company in Pakistan. Mobilink Jazz has a fast speed of internet using 3G technology. All Mobilink Jazz 3G Internet Packages 2017 are below here.

 1. Daily Social Bundle

 Volume  30 MB for Facebook and WhatsApp
 Status Code    *114*5*2#
 Subscription Fee   Rs. 5
 Subscription Code  *114*5#
 Validity  24 hours

 2. Daily – Lite

 Volume  50 MB

 Status Code  *117*11*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 12
 Subscription Code  *117*11#
 Validity  1 day

 3. Late Night Internet Offer

 500 MB (2:00 am – 8:00 am)
 Status Code  *114*14*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 15
 Subscription Code  *114*14#
 Validity   3 days

4. 3 Day-Lite

 100 MB
 Status Code  *117*1*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 20
 Subscription Code  *117*1#
 Validity   3 days

5. Weekly – Lite

 300 MB
 Status Code  * 117*3*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 50
 Subscription Code  *117*3#
 Validity   7 days

6. Weekly – Smart

 500 MBs + 200 MBs for Facebook & WhatsApp
 Status Code  *117*7*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 75
 Subscription Code  *117*7#
 Validity   7 days

7. Weekly – 1000MB

 Volume  1000MB

 Status Code  *117*47*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 110
 Subscription Code  *117*47#
 Validity   7 days

8. Weekly – Extreme

 Status Code  * 117*14*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 70
 Subscription Code  117*14#
 Validity  7 days (Used between 2AM and 2PM)

9. Monthly – Lite

 3 GB
 Status Code  *117*31*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 250
 Subscription Code  *117*31#
 Validity  30 days

10. Monthly – Browser

 Status Code  *117*77*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 160
 Subscription Code  *117*77#
 Validity  30 days

11. Monthly – Smart

 6 GB
 Status Code  *117*30*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 500
 Subscription Code  *117*30#
 Validity  30 days

12. Monthly Premium

 8000 MB
 Status Code  *117*32*2#
 Subscription Fee  Rs. 800
 Subscription Code  117*32#
 Validity  30 days


Other than all these Mobilink Jazz 3G Packages, If you don’t subscribe any 3G Bundle, then the Base Rate of 3G Data would be 21.51 PKR / MB.

If you think I’ve missed something related to Mobilink Jazz 3G Packages, or you want to add a new comment below in the comment box.



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  1. to chack any data balance?
    2.daily packeg atomaticaly renew or no?

  2. پاکستانی موبائل کمپنیاں انتہائی گھٹیا ہیں لوٹ کر کھا رہے ہیں پاکستانی عوام کو۔ انڈیا میں ایئرٹیل اور جیو والے 4 جی ڈیٹا 70 سے 100 جی بی صرف 245 روپے میں دے رہے ہیں 3 مہینے کے لئے اور یہاں گھٹیا سپیڈ والا انٹرنیٹ صرف 8 جی بی بھی 1000 روپے میں مل رہا ہے

  3. Dear Mobilink

    can u tell me any discount for monthly package user who use up to 10 GB per month. like Ufone can provide decount rate who can use 10 per month. i mean ufone give 10 GB in Rs.500…… Mobilink can do that?

  4. all packages prices mentioned including Texas
    it’s must be written all cunsumption

  5. Sir, unlimitrd package hai jazz ka

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