Jazz has present the best jazz internet packages 2020. Jazz has the fastest 4G internet technology. Day by day jazz internet has dominated the market. Below is the table containing All jazz internet packages 2020.

PackageVolumeValidityPriceHow to subscribe
Daily Social Recursive200 MBs of WhatsApp and Facebook24 hoursRs. 5Dial *455#
Daily Browser50 MB24 hoursRs. 10Dial *117*11#
3 Day Extreme500 MB3 days (2 AM – 2 PM)Rs. 15Dial *114*14#
Internet Hourly Extreme2 GB2 hoursRs. 17Dial *846#
Daily Data Bundle (Peak-Off Peak)100 MB (for 24 hours) and 1100 MB in Off Peak (2 AM – 2 PM)24 hoursRs. 20Dial *117*4#
Weekly Browser300 MB7 daysRs. 50Dial *117*3#
Weekly Extreme2.5 GB7 days (2 AM – 2 PM)Rs. 60Dial *117*14#
Weekly Streamer750 MB7 daysRs. 80Dial *117*7#
Internet Monthly Extreme5 GB30 days (2 AM – 2 PM)Rs. 100Dial *117*34#
Weekly Premium2 GB7 daysRs. 110Dial *117*47#
Weekly Mega4 GB7 daysRs. 160Dial *159#
Monthly Browser2.5 GB30 daysRs. 175Dial *117*77#
Weekly Mega Plus5 GB (24 hours) and 5 GB (2 AM – 2 PM)7 daysRs. 200Dial *453#
Monthly Mega4.2 GB30 daysRs. 300Dial *117*31#
Monthly Mega Plus7.5 GB30 daysRs. 500Dial *117*30#
Monthly Supreme12 GB30 daysRs. 750Dial *117*32#
Daily SMS + WhatsApp Bundle1800 SMS + 10 MBs of WhatsApp24 hoursRs. 6Dial *334#
Weekly Bundle Recursive1500 SMS + 25 MBs of WhatsApp7 daysRs. 15Dial *507#
Weekly Bundle-Once Off1500 SMS + 25 MBs of WhatsApp7 daysRs. 15Dial *101*1*07#
Monthly Bundle12000 SMS + 5 GBs of WhatsApp30 daysRs. 60Dial *101*1*02#
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Daily)50 MB + 50 MBs of Saavn24 hoursRs. 20Dial *502*1*1#
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Weekly)350 MB + 350 MBs of Saavn7 daysRs. 90Dial *502*2*1#
Jazz Free Music Bundle (Monthly)1.5 GB + 1.5 GBs of Saavn30 daysRs. 330Dial *502*3*1#
Monthly Streamer (Postpaid)2 GBRs. 250Dial *443#
Monthly Premium (Postpaid)5 GBRs. 500Dial *443#
Monthly Supreme (Postpaid)14 GBRs. 800Dial *443#
Monthly Super (Postpaid)24 GBRs. 1200Dial *443#
Monthly Ultimate (Postpaid)50 GBRs. 2200Dial *443#

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