Update on your YouTube Partner Program application – Invalidate YPP contract in 30 days Monetization

Hello guys in this video i will be showing you Update on your YouTube Partner Program application – Invalidate YPP contract in 30 days Monetization

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The email

This email is to notify you that you’ll need to accept YPP terms again once your channel is eligible for the program. The YPP application process, your channel watchtime, and subscriber count are not impacted.
At some point, you signed contract terms with YouTube regarding the YouTube Partner Program (YPP). Previously, we allowed creators to pre-sign YPP terms before reaching the minimum eligibility thresholds. We have since re-designed this process. Our records show that your channel hasn’t yet met the existing thresholds for program eligibility. In 30 days, if your channel is still not eligible for YPP, we will invalidate your contract.
Not to worry, though. When you do reach the thresholds needed for YPP, it’s just a few easy clicks to apply using our standard process. (Note you can always check your progress on the monetization tab in YouTube Studio.)
What this means for your channel
In short, nothing is changing for your channel. The only change is that you will need to accept YPP terms again when you become eligible. The way you use or experience YouTube stays the same. You still have access to all your creator features that enable you to grow your audience, build your community, and manage your videos. You can:
  • Upload, edit, or delete your videos
  • Read, respond to, or moderate your comments
  • Analyze your channel performance in YouTube Analytics
  • Get best practices and strategic advice from Creator Academy
  • Connect to other Creators in the YouTube Help Forum
Thank you for being part of the YouTube Community! We look forward to your application in the future.
The YouTube Team
Update on your YouTube Partner Program application


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Q: What is this email I’ve received about terminating my YPP terms? I don’t remember signing any terms?
A: Previously we allowed creators to pre-sign YPP terms in Studio to have it ready for when you hit monetization requirements. We’ve redesigned the sign-up process so you accept terms when meeting YPP threshold, so we’re terminating these old contracts. You can still reapply when eligible!
Q: What does this email mean? Does this mean I can never monetize?
A: Previously we allowed creators to pre-sign YPP terms in Studio to have it ready for when you hit monetization requirements. While we’re terminating these contracts, this has no impact on your channel. You’re still able to apply when you meet requirements. More here: https://yt.be/help/TNYG
Q: What does this mean for me / my channel?
A: This doesn’t change our processes or requirements for monetizing! You are still required to meet thresholds and you will be asked to sign YPP terms when you meet them in the future. You can check your eligibility status on the Monetization tab in Studio. Hope this helps!


Q: What if I become eligible for monetization in the next 30 days?
A: If you meet the eligibility thresholds within 30 days from receiving the email and you’ve already connected an active AdSense account, your channel will be automatically sent for review without signing YPP terms again.


Q: Will this increase my application review wait time?
A: This won’t impact YPP application review time. If you’ve already applied and connected an active AdSense account, we’ll send your channel for review once eligible. Keep an eye on the monetization tab in Studio so you can apply as soon as you’re able.
To clarify, we are just sharing additional context with you behind the email but there is no action needed on your part! To reiterate, nothing is changing for your channel or the way you apply to YPP when you’re eligible. We are just doing a one-time clean-up of some outstanding terms of agreement from a few years ago


This email DOES NOT mean you are being removed from YPP. This email is simply a notice that if your channel is not eligible for YPP in the next 30 days, we’ll void the pre-signed terms. If you’re eligible, you can ignore it.

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