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***A Worldwide Bestseller in 17 Languages!***

Lasting Change For Early Quitters, Burnouts, The Unmotivated, And Everyone Else Too

When I decided to start exercising consistently 10 years ago, this is what actually happened:

  • I tried “getting motivated.” It worked sometimes.
  • I tried setting audacious big goals. I almost always failed them.
  • I tried to make changes last. They didn’t.

Like most people who try to change and fail, I assumed that I was the problem.

Then one afternoon–after another failed attempt to get motivated to exercise–I (accidentally) started my first mini habit. I initially committed to do one push-up, and it turned into a full workout. I was shocked. This “stupid idea” wasn’t supposed to work. I was shocked again when my success with this strategy continued for months (and to this day).

I had to consider that maybe I wasn’t the problem in those 10 years of mediocre results. Maybe it was my prior strategies that were ineffective, despite being oft-repeated as “the way to change” in countless books and blogs.

Features of Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results PDF

Here are important features of this book:

Is There A Scientific Explanation For This?
As I sought understanding, I found a plethora of scientific studies that had answers, with nobody to interpret them correctly. Based on the science–which you’ll find peppered throughout Mini Habits–we’ve been doing it all wrong.

You can succeed without the guilt, intimidation, and repeated failure associated with such strategies as “getting motivated,” New Year’s Resolutions, or even “just doing it.” In fact, you need to stop using those strategies if they aren’t giving you great results.

Most popular strategies don’t work well because they require you to fight against your subconscious brain (a fight not easily won). It’s only when you start playing by your brain’s rules and taking your human limitations seriously–as mini habits show you how to do–that you can achieve lasting change.

What’s A Mini Habit?
A mini habit is a very small positive behavior that you force yourself to do every day; its “too small to fail” nature makes it weightless, deceptively powerful, and a superior habit-building strategy. You will have no choice but to believe in yourself when you’re always moving forward.

The barrier to the first step is so low that even depressed or “stuck” people can find early success and begin to reverse their lives right away. And if you think one push-up a day is too small to matter, I’ve got one heck of a story for you!

Aim For The First Step
They say when you aim for the moon, you’ll land among the stars. Well, that doesn’t make sense, as the moon is closer than the stars. I digress.

The message is that you should aim very high and even if you fall short, you’ll still get somewhere. I’ve found the opposite to be true in regards to productivity and healthy behaviors. When you aim for the moon, you won’t do anything because it’s too far away. But when you aim for the step in front of you, you might keep going and reach the moon.

I’ve used the Mini Habits strategy to get into the best shape of my life, read 10x more books, and write 4x as many words. It started from requiring one push-up from myself every day. How ridiculous is that? Not so ridiculous when you consider the science of the brain, habits, and willpower.

The Mini Habits system works because it’s how our brains are designed to change.

Note: This book isn’t for eliminating bad habits (some principles could be useful for breaking habits). Mini Habits is a strategy to create permanent healthy habits in: exercise, writing, reading, thinking positively, meditating, drinking water, eating healthy foods, etc.

Lasting change won’t happen until you take that first step into a strategy that works. Give Mini Habits a try. You won’t look back.

Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results PDF Reviews

Author Guarantee: I will never buy, trade, or otherwise ask for a favorable review. Here are some quotes from Amazon reviewers:

  1. “Ever since I started mini habits, my life has been changing exponentially. […] Mini Habits is the most life-changing book I’ve ever read.” – Jason (verified purchase)
  2. “I’ve exercised every day since reading this book.” – Suzanne Riffel (verified purchase)
  3. “I’ve been a student of personal development for many years. I have, quite literally, read hundreds of books on the subject. I have accumulated a vast reservoir of knowledge, and yet I have not been able to create any real or lasting change in my life. Zip. Zero. Nada. I always thought it was my fault, but this book showed me that it’s the strategies espoused by mainstream personal development that are flawed, not me. Armed with this new knowledge, I am on my way to creating the life I was born to live. Read this book!” – Richard B. Proctor (verified purchase)
  4. “Of the thousands of self-help ideas I have encountered over the decades, I rate the information in this book as among the very best.” – Chess Maniac (verified purchase)
  5. “In a way, life was a cage where all the fun stuff I want to do was just outside my hand’s reach. Mini habits gave me the key to unlock that cage.” – Alties (verified purchase)
  6. “If you are looking for just one book among the multitudes to make a change in your life then this is it.” – Greg Taylor (verified purchase)

Stephen Guise (Author)

Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results PDF

Stephen Guise is driven by his desire to find the most effective behavior change strategies. To help others maximize their potential, he has developed an array of unconventional, result-driven ideas. In particular, his ideas of extreme willpower conservation, no-motivation-required action plans, multiple-cue habit formation, success-cycling, and “stupid small” steps form the unique foundation of Mini Habits, his bestselling book that’s in 17 languages.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results PDF:

Part 1 Introduction To Mini Habits

  1. How It Began: The One Push-up Challenge
  2. For Good Habits Only
  3. A Brief Synopsis Of Mini Habits
  4. About Habits And The Brain

Part 2 How Your Brain Works

  1. Slow-Changing, Stable Brains
  2. A Stupid Repeater & A Smart Manager
  3. The Prefrontal Cortex
  4. The Basal Ganglia

Part 3 Motivation Vs. Willpower

  1. The Many Problems With “Getting Motivated”
  2. Why Willpower Beats Motivation
  3. How Willpower Works

Part 4 The Strategy Of Mini Habits

  1. Using Willpower The Mini Habits Way
  2. How Mini Habits Expand Your Comfort Zone
  3. The Two Moments Of Resistance
  4. Mini Habits In The Moment

Part 5 The Mini Habits Difference

  1. Mini Habits Can Compete With Your Existing Habits
  2. Small Steps & Willpower Are A Winning Team
  3. Other Methods Will Tell You It’s Ok To Let Up Too Soon
  4. Mini Habits Increase Your Self-efficacy
  5. Mini Habits Give You Autonomy
  6. Mini Habits Marry The Abstract & Concrete
  7. Mini Habits Destroy Fear, Doubt, Intimidation, & Hesitation
  8. Mini Habits Create Insane Bonuses Of Increased Mindfulness & Willpower

Part 6 Mini Habits – Eight Small Steps To Big Change

Step 1: Choose Your Mini Habits & Habit Plan
Step 2: Use The Why Drill On Each Mini Habit
Step 3: Define Your Habit Cues
Step 4: Create Your Reward Plan
Step 5: Write Everything Down
Step 6: Think Small
Step 7: Meet Your Schedule & Drop High Expectations
Step 8: Watch For Signs Of Habit

Part 7 Eight Mini Habit Rules

  1. Never, Ever Cheat
  2. Be Happy With All Progress
  3. Reward Yourself Often, Especially After A Mini Habit
  4. Stay Level-headed
  5. If You Feel Strong Resistance, Back Off & Go Smaller
  6. Remind Yourself How Easy This Is
  7. Never Think A Step Is Too Small
  8. Put Extra Energy and Ambition Toward Bonus Reps, Not A Bigger Requirement

Final Words

  • An Optional Modification
  • Apply This Strategy Elsewhere
  • Want More?

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Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results PDF:

  • Book Name: Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results
  • Edition : 1st Edition | | ASIN: B00HGKNBDK 
  • Author Name: Stephen Guise
  • Format / Pages : PDF – 118 Pages

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Download Mini Habits: Smaller Habits, Bigger Results PDF Free


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